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Vacuum Carpet Washer

vacuum carpet washer

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vacuum carpet washer - LG WM3987HW

LG WM3987HW 27 Front Load Washer/Dryer Combo, 4.2 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity - White

LG WM3987HW 27 Front Load Washer/Dryer Combo, 4.2 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity - White

Please Note: The Washer/Dryer Combo takes up to 6 hours to wash and dry your clothing

Is It A Washer? Or Something Better?
This combination washer/dryer is perfect if you don't have an external venting source, which conventional dryers require, and it runs on standard voltage electricity. Although it is a space-efficient laundry solution, ideal for locations where a separate washer and dryer wouldn't fit, the full-size tub (4.2 cu. ft.) means you won't be compromising on washing capacity.

Wash in peace
You shouldn't know your washer is on from the next room. The LG TrueBalance anti-vibration system is designed to minimize washer noise and vibration for smooth, quiet performance in any room of the house - even on the 2nd floor.

More free time
Towers of towels, piles of sweatshirts, and a mountain of jeans? Go for it. The extra-large capacity (4.2 cu. ft.) tub lets you do more laundry in fewer loads. That's time saved and sore backs avoided.

Super clean
Some stains are so nasty it's hard to imagine how they'll ever come out. LG's NSF-certified Sanitary Cycle heats water up to 158F to remove the toughest stains and bacteria.

Count on it
When you buy a washer, you don't want to worry that it won't last. Because the Direct Drive Motor uses fewer moving parts and operates more efficiently, LG confidently backs the motor with a 10-year warranty.

No need to vent
Dry your clothes without any need for external venting. Now you can enjoy the value and quality of an LG washer even if you have limited space.

Just set and go
Let LG take the guesswork out of doing the laundry. With features like their LED Display indicators and intuitive Dial-A-Cycle controls, you'll find the right setting every time.

87% (12)

Not Quite The First Impression I Was Hoping to Make on My New Neighbors

Not Quite The First Impression I Was Hoping to Make on My New Neighbors

I didn't think I would even have a Hate List for this new apartment, but I think there's already something I can add to it: the washing machine is broken. How do I know? Why, it not only flooded my apartment, but it ruined the downstairs neighbors celing!

Yes, so Izzie's bedding was in need of a washing. I dropped it in, added detergent, closed it and went off to continue unpacking.

The next minute, I turn around and see that the carpet is DRENCHED about 10" into the dining area. I opened the washing machine and it's full to the brim with water and STILL RUNNING. So I fumble around with the water valve behind the washing machine and get it turned off. I was freaking out. My heart was just pounding in my chest. I opened the door to check on the neighbors and just as I did, I saw him at the base of my stairs. "Do you have a leak in your apartment?"

"Oh my god, yes. Is it in your apartment?"

"Yeah, it's coming out of the vent," he said.


He asked if I had a bucket. I did so I grabbed it and brought it downstairs to them. Luckily I had borrowed my mom's carpet steamer so I ran to get that from my car to vacuum up as much water as I could. The water filled up probably about a gallon and a half, maybe two. Who knows what the unseen damage is.

A few minutes later a maintenance guy knocked on my door. "Do you have a leak in your apartment?"

"YES, it's the washer," I said and let him in. I said I already turned off the main water line so it's stopped. I asked if he saw the downstairs apartment.

"Yeah, they have a crack in this area of their ceiling," he said, gesturing to the kitchen area which was adjacent to the dining area and laundry closet. My stomach lurched. Yes, it sounds like there's probably a lot of water damage.

The maintenance guy said to call in the morning and ask the office to put in a work order so they'll either fix it or replace it. Sigh. No, that's not a sigh of relief, that's a sigh of, "Oh geez, please tell me this is a dream... Please tell me this is a dream... Please tell me this is a dream..."

So I've called in the work order. They're going to take a look at it as well as the apartment downstairs. I feel really terrible. I know it's not my fault, it's their machine, etc. etc. but still. I wish this had only inconvenienced me and not my neighbors.

Somerset Model Home

Somerset Model Home

Somerset Estate - 2,200 sq. ft.

871 Carlisle Street, Cobourg, ON

Purchase Price - $517,900.00

Lot Size - 55' x 100' (Two-Storey)

**Upgraded features included in the sale price:

*Hardwood and porcelain flooring throughout

*6 appliances: washer, dryer, stainless steel refrigerator, stove, dishwasher & microwave

*Custom draperies

*Custom light fixtures

*Custom cabinetry with granite tops

*Recessed under-cabinet lighting in kitchen

*Custom glass backsplash in kitchen

*Custom-built cloak cabinet in entry from garage

*Upgraded taps, toilets & sinks throughout

*Upgraded staircase & railing

*Custom mirrors in bathrooms

*Upgraded carpet in bedrooms & on stairs

*Alarm system

*Central air conditioning

*Large attached double-side porch

*Fully-landscaped exterior with built-in gas BBQ

*In-ceiling speakers throughout

*Central vacuum

*SDL single-hung coloured windows

*Window wells with large-size basement windows

*Composite decking on front stoop, side porch & deck

*Located on a finished street with sidewalks and planted boulevards

Please contact our sales team for more information:

905-372-1406 or 1-866-528-9618

vacuum carpet washer

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