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Queen Commercial Carpet - Ivory Flokati Area Rug

Queen Commercial Carpet

queen commercial carpet

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Photo and story by Bill Hughes

Everyone has a story to tell and when the Adult Day Services At Union Hospital in Elkton threw a birthday party for WWII nurse Dorothy Heinz, about three dozen people were there to join in the festivities. A strawberry cake from Redner's and Byrne Dairy ice cream was ready, balloons set up, and people were in their places as Dorothy walked into the room. Photographers were taking pictures like paparazzi at an Academy Awards red carpet parade. "You caught me, you caught me!" exclaimed a delighted Dorothy towards RN Meg Pennington who has some stunning photographs at the entrance of the Adult Day Services building. Meg and others were trying to capture the Kodak moment.
"Ah that's great," said Dorothy as she admired her cake lit with six candles spread out on the two foot long rectangle. "I don't think I can blow them all out." She got them on the second try. "That's very nice. I hope I make it two more years. I feel pretty good."
There are many projects and trips planned by activities director, Bob Brown and Dorothy rarely misses an opportunity. "The lady gets up every morning and plays whatever we're playing," said Bob. "If we're golfing, she will to."
"She has been here for four years now and she never declines an activity," said Pat Dickens, activities assistant/marketing. "Golf, Jeopardy, basketball, lots of trips. We go on trips at least twice a week. We also go on the Lantern Queen Riverboat in Havre de Grace. Usually it's the dollar store, Walmart's and having lunch at Pier 1 (North East)."
"I don't know what to tell you," Dorothy said with a clear and articulated voice, "my life isn't very exciting. My mom's brother lived in Raleigh, North Carolina. We used to go there once in a while for two weeks. He had quite a cotton farm plantation. I liked southern dinners and the southern way of life. It was something different."
Dorothy and her sister (Helen) are in an Assisted Living Home. "She is 11 years younger than I am. My sister is not very well, but she's company for me."
"I came out of high school and didn't know what to do. I finished in 1936 (Baltimore) and then I went into the service and was with the Navy Nurse Corps for eight years. I didn't want to go into business, I wasn't interested in the commercial world, typing, office work, those kinds of things. I could type, but didn't know anything about short hand and book keeping. I did more hospital work than anything else. I worked at the University of Maryland and (John's) Hopkins for a while." She was also a private duty nurse.
Besides her daily events, there are a few other things she looks forward to. "I spend much of my time with television. My stories (soap operas) in the afternoon and then the news. I watch channel 13 (WJZ Baltimore). I like to keep up with the news. I'm all ready for that. Some people don't like television, but I can't get along without it."
"I don't sleep during the day. I wake up about 9 and go to bed about 11."
"I try to stay as active as possible. I can't read to much because my eyes are poor. If the church has any dinners or any social affairs, I like to go. I try to stay as active as possible. I feel pretty good and take care of myself."
She also loves a good game of Bingo. "I win once in a while, that's the way I like it."
At the end of the party and the interview, her ride was waiting. Pat Dickens walked with Dorothy onto the bus and the birthday girl sat down in the front seat with all her Happy Birthday balloons and quite a story.

queen commercial carpet

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